Online Psychometric Tests

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service use psychometric tests as part of the firefighter recruitment progress as they help to identify the correct people for the job by aligning their ability and skills with those required for the job itself.

Recruitment Pics Recruit SquadPsychometric tests give us a real measure of your strengths and limitations and research has consistently shown that people who do well on the tests usually go on to do well in the job itself. The psychometric tests that you will undergo are as follows:

Calculation Test

This test consists of numerical problems for which quick and accurate calculations are required. 

This is a timed test and you are permitted to use a calculator.  You may have to calculate the answer and decide which of the answers given is correct or you may have to calculate the answer and insert this.

We use this test to assess your ability to understand and work with numerical information of a type that a firefighter is likely to experience within their daily routine.

The following are examples of the type of question you are likely to find in the Calculation test;

? + 430 = 817

50 x 6 - ? = 265

806 - ? = 368

Situational Judgement Test

A Situational Judgement Test (SJT) is an assessment carried out online and is designed to measure judgements in a realistic work setting. The test does not require or assume any operational experience or knowledge. 

The test presents the candidate with a series of scenario-based questions and a list of possible responses to the situation from which the respondent can choose. Questions are based on actual events that you may be involved in should you be offered an appointment as a Wholetime Firefighter. 

The test is untimed but should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The following is an example of the type of question you are likely to find in the SJT.

You are in charge of managing a crowd that has gathered to watch a house fire. So far the crowd have been calm, but they suddenly become aggressive and shout insults at one of the casualties being rescued from the house. The insults are distressing the casualty. Below are 4 options and you must choose what you consider to be the least effective and the most effective.

  • Do nothing - the crowd will get bored of shouting insults soon
  • Ask my manager what to do
  • Talk assertively to the crowd and tell them to move away from the scene because they are causing a disturbance
  • Continue with what you are doing, but resolve to try and speak to one or two members of the crowd and persuade them their actions are not helpful
Preparation for Psychometric Tests

Before taking any of the tests, please ensure that you carefully read the comprehensive instructions provided as you will have only one attempt at the assessment.  No further opportunity will be provided for you to retake the test.

  • You should take the test in a quiet environment and ensure that you will not be disturbed.
  • Ensure that you take the test in one sitting i.e. you cannot stop and restart the test.
  • DO NOT take this test on a mobile device (iPad, tablet or smart phone) 

For further help and preparation tips relating to psychometric tests, you can click on the following link, where you will be able to practice different types of tests; Practice Tests

Please note, that the practice assessments do not provide an exact like-for-like experience and may not exactly reflect the level of difficulty of the test you will be asked to complete.   Instead, they provide a similar testing experience, in terms of question types and formats.  Alternatively you can do a Google search.