Aberdeen firefighters take part in multi-agency operation

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Crews carried out a water rescue alongside the RNLI and Coastguard as part of vital training


Firefighters took part in a multi-agency training operation at the River Dee in Aberdeen recently.
Crews from Altens and Dyce carried out a water rescue training exercise alongside the RNLI and the Coastguard.
The agencies worked together and incorporated various rescue techniques to safely remove a member of the lifeboat team who acted as a casualty in the water.
The exercise was organised by Station Manager Andy Buchan who said afterwards: “The purpose of this exercise was to maintain and build on the technical abilities of our firefighters, which ultimately helps save lives.
“We are ready and able to respond to many different emergency situations including flooding, urban search and rescue, as well as water rescue.
“Ultimately, we want people to enjoy the summer season and to be safe.”
Sometimes it can be tempting to go for a dip in a river or loch, especially during the summer months, but swimming in unsupervised open water can be extremely dangerous.
Station Manager Buchan added: “We want to prevent people from drowning and we are joining forces with partners wherever possible to raise awareness of the very clear and significant dangers.”