Eyesight Requirements

The eyesight requirements to join the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are detailed below.

  • Uncorrected vision of 6/18, 6/24 or better.
  • Corrected acuity should be a minimum of 6/9 binocularly with the worse eye at least 6/12.
  • The ability to read N6 at 30cm (under 25 years) or N12 at 30cm (25 years and over) unaided binocularly.
  • Normal visual fields to confrontation in both eyes.
  • Minor colour vision defects may be acceptable subject to the results of specialist testing.
  • Candidates who have had surgical correction (e.g. laser correction) can be admitted after a period of 12 months providing they meet the above standards and have no evidence of other complications that would impair safe or effective working.
  • Other eye disorders will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.